Remote Working Tips from the UIG Brokerage Team

Remote Working Tips from the Brokerage Team

As we all are doing our part to ‘flatten the curve’, we’re learning a different type of work. At UIG, the Brokerage team, along with the Operations team, is getting accustomed to working remotely from the safety and comfort of our own homes. We’ve asked each member of the Brokerage Team for some tips to…

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Which Carriers Won and Lost During 2020 AEP?

What is one of the advantages of working with UIG? We do the work for you! CMS publishes Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers but the files are large and complex and difficult to interpret. We spent the last few weeks crunching the numbers and creating reports for our agents showing which carriers won and lost membership…

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Original Medicare Doesn't Cover Everything

Original Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything

The Value of Selling a Complete Benefits Package As Independent Insurance Agents who sell Medicare, we all know how confusing the Medicare world is. It’s even more confusing to those who are turning 65. They may not even realize how much there is to know and what their actual coverage may look like, especially if…

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