Lead Program

Grow your business quickly and affordably with our discounted lead program through Target Leads.
Target Leads offers UIG brokers access to their online LeadManager® system designed exclusively for Life and Health Insurance Agents at no additional cost.

Why Direct Mail for Lead Generation?
Direct mail is an affordable way to reach targeted prospects effectively. Consider this:

  • Approximately 45% of seniors have internet service. If you are only doing email blasts or internet leads, you are missing 55% of your potential prospects!
  • Approximately 15% of seniors have NOT signed up on the do not call list. If you are doing telemarketing leads, you are missing 85% of your potential prospects.
  • Television, radio, magazines… they aren’t age and income qualified.
  • Direct mail is TARGETED specifically for you. Reach the RIGHT prospects TODAY!

To be eligible for the UIG discounted lead program you must be appointed with at least one carrier through UIG. Access the discounted Target Lead program by logging into the UIG Brokerage Resource Center.