Cancer/Critical Illness

UIG is contracted with over 55 of local and national carriers offering plans to meet your client’s needs. For a full list of products and carriers, please visit our Products and Carriers page.

An Aetna Critical Illness Plan can help protect your clients finances by paying cash benefits directly when diagnosed with a covered condition.

A GTL Critical Illness plan can help your clients withstand a prolonged treatment and recovery period without them going into debt. This plan is designed to help cover the medical expenses that your other insurance may not cover.

Critical illness insurance can help your clients withstand the significant financial costs related to surviving a serious condition, so they can focus on their health instead of their finances.

A critical illness insurance policy helps to provide protection from a variety of covered conditions, so you client can focus on getting well.

Critical Illness Insurance is a very powerful form of financial protection. It pays lump sum benefits when your client is sick to help protect their quality of life after the illness.