Final Expense/Life

UIG is contracted with over 55 of local and national carriers offering plans to meet your client’s needs. For a full list of products and carriers, please visit our Products and Carriers page.

Help your clients plan ahead with a Final Expense plan from Aetna.

If someone depends on your client financially, life insurance is an important topic you need to bring up to your client. It can do more than replace a lost income – it can pay for final expenses, a mortgage, child’s education and more.

Foresters Financial has life insurance products that are specifically designed to help with final expenses as well as a full range of traditional life insurance options.

The Gerber Life Guaranteed Life Insurance Plan provides valuable whole life insurance to help cover final expenses, such as medical bills, burial costs and unpaid debt.

Great Western makes qualifying for Final Expense insurance straightforward and easy by offering two whole life plans: Guaranteed Assurance and Assurance Plus.

Help your clients rest assured that they won’t leave loved ones with financial burdens with Kemper whole life and final expense life insurance plans. Life insurance plans will leave money to help pay final expenses or other debts.

Medico’s Final Expense plans can help ease the financial burden for your client’s family.

While most people don’t like to talk about end-of-life issues, it is important to talk to your clients about them. Transamerica offers plans where age and health may not affect approval.

Life insurance assists individuals in caring for their loved ones in the event of an untimely death, covering final expense costs, and in the transfer of wealth to heirs with a minimum of financial penalties.

Help your clients plan ahead with a Final Expense plan from Standard Life and Accident.

Help your clients plan ahead with a Final Expense plan from United American Insurance Company.

Guaranteed Whole Life Insurance policies from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company feature a number of benefits designed to fit your client’s unique needs. Affordable rates, no medical exams or health questions, and guaranteed acceptance.