UIG Guide to a Successful AEP

We’ve all had extra time on our hands to get caught up on tasks we don’t normally get to do, maybe reorganized our home offices, developed marketing plans for 2021, or started our social media pages. It has truly been a great time to get some of these things crossed off our list. But, as we all know, AEP approaches fast and now is the perfect time to start your preparations. 

If you’re a new agent, this will be a great guideline to follow, and if you’re a seasoned agent, this will be a great reminder to begin your preparations.

Get Appointed (Now)

Adding carriers to your portfolio before AEP begins is extremely important in order to offer the most competitive plans and products to your clients for the 2021 plan year. You’ll want to begin this as soon as possible so you don’t experience any delays. Most carriers do have a lock-out period before and during AEP, and many do not allow hierarchy changes. If you plan on switching FMO’s, now is the time to begin that process.  You can read more about the release process here, and see what UIG’s philosophy is if you’re interested in switching your contracts to UIG.

UIG has digested all the reports from CMS and can fill you in on what the most popular plans and products are in your area. Just ask us for our Medicare Landscape reports!

If you are not selling ancillary products, now is the time to get appointed, trained and comfortable with package selling before the AEP rush. Attend one of our Package Selling trainings or ask your Broker Sales Specialist for more information. Don’t miss this opportunity for additional commissions!

Medicare Training Certification (June)

All agents who are planning on selling Medicare Advantage and/or PDP plans must complete either NAHU/AHIP/Gorman/Pinpoint certifications prior to AEP. AHIP is accepted by all carriers and tends to be the most popular. NAHU (National Association for Health Underwriters) is rolling out their own certification for 2021, most carriers will be accepting this certification as well. Watch for information from carriers as they offer discounts if you complete Medicare training and product certification at the same time.

Ready to Sell (July – October)

All carriers require you to complete product certifications in order to be Ready to Sell for AEP. Carriers will announce these trainings sometime between July – October and will have in-person training meetings or online training. It’s very important to get these finished as soon as you can.

Stock Your Supplies (After You’ve Completed All Certifications)

Even though supplies can’t be sent out until October per CMS guidelines, with many carriers you can still place your order once you’re deemed ‘Ready to Sell’. Checking things off your to-do list will help you stay organized so you can stay on the path to success. For those appointed with UIG, contact your Broker Sales Specialist to place your orders.

The UIG Brokerage team can walk you through the process, and provide you with the support you need to stay successful. Please reach out to us via email or by calling (800) 8778-1058, ext. 1380.