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Allstate: Medicare Supplement + DVH United Insurance Group Agency, Inc. 06/12/2024 2:00 PM EST All States webinar

Join the UIG Brokerage Team, along with Teri Bell, Allstate Regional Sales Manager, to discuss the products and plans Allstate has to offer. Teri will explain how Allstate Med Supps stand out from the rest and how they strive to make it easy for agents like yourself.

Some of these highlights are:

• Multi discounts up to 25% + Dental Bundle discount
• Instant Decision + Instant ID card
• Quick Demo of our e-App process

Join this webinar to find out if these products are available in your area and how you can become appointed!

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Medicare Matters+ United Insurance Group Agency, Inc. 06/11/2024 12 PM EST All States webinar

Each month we’ll be discussing different topics that are trending in today’s marketing, including what matters to you AND your clients!

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