Have You Started Your AEP Preparations?

We know, we know, “AEP is months away, there is plenty of time for preparations, I can wait on everything until this summer.” We’re here to tell you that may not be the best thing to do to guarantee yourself a successful AEP. Starting your preparations now not only keeps you ahead of everyone else but allows you to prepare and plan for how you will be approaching new business prospecting and client retention to grow your business. Who doesn’t want that?

Are you contracted with the right carriers?

Have you done your research into the best carriers, products, and plans for your specific area? If not, that’s okay; we have you covered. We’ve taken the time to do all this research for you. To find out what the most popular products and plans were, we’ve broken it down at the state level and even taken it a step further by breaking it down at the county level so you can make the best decision on your product portfolio. To determine what your product portfolio should look like, you can lean on your Brokerage Mentor. They know your geographic areas well and can make recommendations to make sure you have the best offerings for your clients.

Are you interested in seeing these reports? Reach out to the Brokerage team, and we’d be happy to share this information with you.

Speaking of carriers and plans…. Agents who talk to their clients about ancillary plans make a sale 70% of the time. Offering ancillary plans to your clients helps protect them from financial ruin during a medical crisis and increases client retention and commissions for you. We will train you to sell them and get you appointed for the best product in your area. It’s easier than you think to sell these!

Are you thinking of switching FMO’s?

If you are thinking about switching to an FMO that focuses on agent support, not mergers and acquisitions, now is the time to do it. UIG makes this process as simple as it can be, so if you’re thinking of making the switch, we can help. Don’t forget; there are carrier blackout periods before AEP, so make those switches sooner than later. If your current FMO won’t give you an immediate release, that should be a red flag as an independent agent, and you should start the process now no matter when it becomes effective.

If you’ve been wondering what services and support a great FMO should be providing, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions agents have on that very topic.

What is your marketing plan for AEP 2022?

Now is the time to start developing your marketing plan for AEP 2022. What will be your focus for client retention and new business this upcoming AEP season? Maybe you’re going to buy leads this year, use a phone dialer service, or get started on a direct mail campaign. Whatever it is, you will want to have those details figured out soon. Early preparation, and consistent efforts, make the difference between success and failure. Build your sales pipeline now, so it is full when AEP starts. Don’t forget about your T-65 clients too, make sure you have a detailed plan that lasts all year long for those prospects.

If you need help on getting started with contracting, switching your FMO, or detailing out your marketing plan, please reach out to us. We guarantee you’ll be surprised at the level of support you are given at UIG, unlike any other FMO you’ve worked with. Our goal is to work alongside you and develop a plan to help your business grow.