We’re All in This Together: UIG Agents Are No Exception

The slogan “We’re All in This Together” has been used over and over again during this pandemic. We’re seeing it on social media, TV commercials, marketing materials, written in chalk on sidewalks and driveways, and even written on windows and doors throughout our communities with hope to provide comfort to others, and even to ourselves. It’s been amazing to witness the kindness and generosity in our communities we so much needed. UIG Agents are no exception. We’ve heard countless stories of agents helping out their communities in so many different ways.

Elizabeth Smith, Licensed Medicare Agent, out of Houston, Texas is doing big things in her community. Each week, she picks a different ‘Essential’ group of people and brings them necessary and thoughtful items. She’s delivered hand sanitizer to her local police departments, ICU department at 3 different hospitals, snacks to the midnight shift at the hospitals, and has brought breakfast to the police departments and hospitals. She recognizes those Front-Line workers for all they are doing and are sacrificing to keep us safe and healthy. This week Elizabeth is headed to her local grocery stores to provide these hard-working and deserving employees lunch, provided solely by her.

Elizabeth believes her business has been successful due to her community and the referrals she’s received by these individuals. She wants to acknowledge them for their selflessness and show her appreciation to them. A community can get through anything by coming together and helping each other during trying times.

We’ll be highlighting our agents each week to show how they are contributing to their community and are helping their clients. Are you an agent that is making a difference in your community? We’d love to hear about it! Email us and let us know what you are doing in and for your community.