UIG Gamechanger

Tell the truth: As an agent, have you actually read the insurance policies of carriers you represent? I mean really read all the fine print? If someone showed you a policy or a certificate of insurance, would you know which is which? Corrie Borde knows the difference. He reads them word for word. He began working out of college in the semiconductor engineering industry, which might explain things. Corrie reads the policies and certificates to make sure his clients are getting exactly what they signed up for because to him, that’s his responsibility. He firmly believes the carriers and recommendations he represents can affect lives.

Corrie also is big on relationship-building. He knows that earning the trust and respect of prospective clients sometimes means walking away. He’s advised against the purchase of a medical policy because it wasn’t the right fit. And what happened? The client called back and asked about ancillary products and even referred other clients to him. Corrie maintained an honest dialogue and it worked, eventually ending up with sales.

When asked why he chose to become appointed with UIG, Corrie said, “I like the variety of carrier offerings that UIG has. And Linda (Isbell, his Broker Sales Specialist) always seems to answer my questions, concerns and offers genuine support. That’s really good.”

Investing his time and talents where he lives and works is important to Corrie. He works through multiple philanthropy organizations and maintains a continuous focus on helping within his community. When Corrie finds an organization he believes in, he simply reaches out and request to be kept in mind if there are any means for him to help, volunteer or sponsor fundraising events – then he shows-up and delivers.

Always looking for ways to self-improve in all aspects of life, his hobbies include a daily devotion time, eating healthy, working out and listening to audio books about topics that are relevant to the insurance industry and/or helping people. From engineering, to real estate and now insurance, Corrie only has one regret and that’s wishing he would have started in the insurance industry sooner after realizing the residual income that is possible! Despite the career changes, one thing has remained the same in Corrie’s professional life – the desire to connect with and help people.

“Now I’m off to organize birthday cards for all my clients with July birthdays,” he said.



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