UIG Gamechanger: July 2022

Gamechanger Interview with Dawn from Michigan!

The UIG Gamechanger is making a comeback! Every month we will introduce you to a UIG-appointed agent who is making strides in their business and community. We hope to showcase these outstanding individuals and give other agents some ideas for their businesses. 

How long have you been an agent? 

I’ve been a licensed agent for 16 years (property life casualty, commercial, and health), and health insurance mainly for the last nine years. Medicare became an interest over the past year when I realized once my clients turned 65, I would lose them when they moved to Medicare. I have thoroughly enjoyed my clients and wanted to help with the transition to Medicare and continue the relationships. Now, my favorite line of business has become Medicare. I now can work with them individually, educate them on their move from an Employer Group, ACA, or help them with their retirement. 

What do you like most about being an agent? 

Educating my clients is my favorite thing about being an agent. Not everyone has all the answers, and I don’t always have the answers, but having great resources to back me up, like UIG, makes me more confident when relaying this important information to my clients.  

 What do you think sets you apart from other agents in your area? 

I am constantly educating my clients. I always review their options and explain why the plan/product I am suggesting makes sense for them. Reviewing your client’s plans annually may reveal things such as a change in income, new prescriptions, and even new health concerns. This new information may suggest another product or plan might be better off for them. 

I want to be a resource for my clients, not just a name. I am the person they call if they have any questions or uncertainties. I continue to stay in touch with them. 

How do you market yourself and stay in front of your clients? 

My website serves at the forefront of my business! I keep it updated with valuable information for my clients and prospects, including educational videos. I’ve included a way for clients to book an appointment with me right from my website. Posting on social media puts me in front of my clients and prospects daily. Some days I might share the top things you need to know about Medicare, or an educational video, or important health information – things my clients would find helpful, and that would benefit them. I even add in some of my family photos, like a shoutout to my husband on Father’s Day for his continued support! 

I also have a brochure to use as a marketing piece. Inside this brochure is information about myself, what products I offer, and a Medicare checklist detailing when and how to start signing up for Medicare! This checklist has proved to be useful for beneficiaries and has generated phone calls! 

What are some of your interests/activities? 

I love being outdoors and staying active. Swimming, fishing, boating, paddle boarding, golfing, and running are some of the things I enjoy the most. Staying active is good for my mental health and makes me more efficient in my job and family life. 

How long have you been with UIG? 

I left an agency I worked with in August of 2021 to start my own company and have been with UIG ever since! 

How does UIG support your business efforts?

Libby is amazing; she helps educate, market, and guide me with client issues. UIG and Libby are very easy to work with and knowledgeable. I have many offers to go to other FMOs, but I will not be leaving UIG! 

We wish Dawn the most success and are excited to partner with her as her business grows! If you’re interested in partnering with UIG as you build your business, reach out to us at [email protected]