Do You Have a Valid SEP for Your Clients?

Knowing what’s available for your clients in all circumstances will not only set you apart from the others but will help you increase your income outside of OEP and AEP.

When can you offer a 5 Star SEP to your clients?

When the Client only has a Medicare A and B
When the Client’s Medicare Supplement premium is too high
When the Client has a Medicare Advantage plan that isn’t working as well as they thought
When the Client is part of the Medicare Re-determination

Did You Know Priority Health has 4 HMO-POS plans that were awarded 5 stars – the highest rating possible by CMS in their 2023 Medicare plan ratings?

Connie Elkins from Priority Health will be here to discuss what you need to know about these plans, how they can benefit your clients and how you can sell these plans. Lots of valuable knowledge to take away from this webinar.

Find Out How You Can Earn Marketing Dollars from UIG
for Selling Priority Health 5 Star Plans.

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