Stay-At-Home Ideas for Insurance Agents

Business has changed drastically over the last 6 weeks because of COVID-19. Things we were used to doing, we’re not able to do anymore. This leaves us wondering, what should I be doing for my business and what can I do? The UIG Brokerage team has come up with some ideas to help you stay on track.

Reach Out to Your Current Clients: Believe it or not, your clients do want to hear from you. They are most likely getting inundated with phone calls regarding their Medicare insurance including scams. Hearing from someone they trust, and that has helped them in the past may be a refreshing sound.

  • Update them on the Medicare scams to be aware of
  • Ask them if they have any questions on their current plans
  • Write them a handwritten note
  • Talk to them about Hospital Indemnity plans
  • Ask for the referral

Educate Yourself: This is something we always tend to put off. In our minds, business comes first, and well, the rest comes in very small doses. Working on yourself through education and functionality will keep you energized and more efficient in your duties. 

  • Learn about new products to offer clients
  • Research top plans and products in your targeted area
  • Carrier Training
  • Organize your mobile filing system
  • Go digital as much as you can
  • Listen to Podcasts
  • Organize your office

Marketing for your Business: Another thing we tend to put off is marketing. Brainstorm how you want your business to grow and work on putting those plans into action.

  • Complete an agent review with your Broker Sales Specialist at UIG
  • Write your marketing plan
  • Set up social media pages
  • Build your website
  • Buy leads

It’s easy to get frustrated with our current situation, and at some point, all of us are feeling the same way. But don’t’ let that keep you down. Keep pushing forward and your business will be just as successful as it was before. The best thing to know about selling Medicare Insurance is, people are continuing to turn 65 every day and all need Medical insurance. Reach out to any of our Broker Sales Specialists to help you stay on track.