Social Media Postings for Agents

The hardest part of social media is coming up with ideas of what to post! We’ve done some work for you, came up with some content and images for your page as you walk into AEP. Copy and paste the content into your posting, and right click to save the image, to your files or desktop, to use with the posting, and voila, you have yourself a post!

A few last tips, always make sure you use an image when posting on your pages. And, always include your contact information so they can contact you!

Post #1 – The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is upon us! Do you have questions about your policies? I can meet with you after October 1st to discuss your needs for 2023. Contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx to schedule your appointment!

Post #2 – Are you looking to save money on your Medicare Advantage policies for 2023? I can review your current policy and see if we can get you into a less expensive plan. Call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx to schedule an appointment!

Post #3 – Reach out to me if you have any questions regarding your current Medicare. There are lots of great options out there for 2023 plans that may cost you less. You can reach me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx to schedule a time to chat.

Post #4 – I’ll be taking virtual appointments to discuss health insurance options for 2023 starting October 1st. We can set up a Zoom meeting and you won’t even have to leave your house! Contact me after October 1st and I’ll get you on my schedule.

Post #5 – Wondering if your Medicare plans will change any of your benefits for 2023? Schedule an appointment with me after October 1st and we can do a full review of what your 2022 plan will look like.