Ready, Set, Grow! 2019 Medicare Open Enrollment


It’s the Friday before marketing starts on Monday, October 1st for 2019 Medicare open enrollment and I am looking at enrollment kits, marketing materials, first look documents and a not insignificant pile of giveaways from our carrier partners for UIG agents and reflecting on the months that lead us up to this point. Open enrollment starts in less than 18 days but our work began months ago. I am going to take a deep breath this weekend, go to my son and daughter’s soccer games and cross-country meet, spend time with friends and family before the craziness of the official marketing kickoff for 2019 open enrollment starts on Monday. I want to take a moment to thank the UIG Brokerage team (Linda, Libby, Jessica and Shelley) for all their work that lead us to this point. They spent countless hours poring through 2019 Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and ancillary products from so many carriers so they can support our agents through open enrollment. Ensuring agents were contracted, trained and certified, that they are prepared and trained on ancillary products like hospital indemnity and critical illness to fill critical gaps in core MA and Med Supp products.

We here at UIG spent a significant amount of time this past year meeting with agents around the country at our road shows to hear what they wanted and needed from us. Based on that feedback we launched new sales training, a three-part Medicare basics webinar series that was wildly popular with hundreds of agents attending in the first nine months of the year, custom marketing pieces and so much more. I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank our Operations teams (Commissions, New Business, Licensing & Contracting) for all their work and support. We continue to grow here at UIG and that only happens when our agent partners grow as well. We all know how crazy things get once October 15th hits so to all our agent partners call us if you need anything, that’s why we are here! One last deep breath this weekend then Ready, Set, Grow!!!

Graham Smith – Vice President, Brokerage