Preparing for AEP 2021

Certifications have begun, AHIP is well under way, First Looks are being released, we’re getting ready for a successful AEP 2021 season!

Certifications – we’ve listed out some of the National Carriers certification dates and are keeping them up-to-date on our website.

First Looks – we have the released ones listed on the Broker Resource Center (this is on the internal website for appointed UIG agents)

First Looks Webinars – Graham Smith, VP of Brokerage, will be discussing the top National Carriers products and plans for 2021, stay tuned for these dates!

If you have any contracting needs, or need assistance getting ready for AEP, please reach out to the Brokerage Team. We’re happy to assist! Contact us by email at [email protected] or by calling (800) 878-1058, ext. 1380.