Perfect Your Clients Experience this AEP Season

It’s AEP season. We know you’re working many hours, including nights and weekends, and you may be rushing to fit it all in. Take a few minutes to slow down and focus on the experience and service your client is getting. The goal of these appointments is not only to help them with their current choices but also to develop a deeper relationship with them so they return to you year after year.

Here are some simple ideas to give your clients that perfect experience despite the hustle and bustle of the season.   

Educate your clients: Medicare can be extremely confusing to your clients. Take the time to educate clients on the benefits, the differences in coverages, any penalties they could incur, and what Original Medicare even covers. The more they understand, the more sales you’ll have. Uncovering all the information for them could make for an easier decision. You can even add the Medicare ‘What’s Covered App’ to their phone if they are tech-savvy.

Be An Expert They Can Count On: Educating them and offering your expertise and knowledge will show them you are a trusted source that can provide the most accurate information. Are you using the agent appointment guide as a great visual for your client?

Show Up in Professional Manner: Preparing for your appointment not only means making sure you are looking presentable (shake those wrinkles out and comb your hair!) but also having the right plan and product information with you, all sorted and easy to present, your devices are charged (don’t forget to silence your cell phone) and showing up on time. Remember to show your business card when you approach the door!

Establish a Connection: Getting to know your clients before you begin your sales presentation will help build rapport. Ask about what’s been going on in their lives, their children, grandchildren, animals, travel, etc. Once they start talking, you’ll know what brings them joy and can fit that into further discussions. Don’t forget to jot that information down after your appointment so you can ask about it next time you talk! 

Don’t Use Industry Acronyms: It’s easy to rattle off the industry jargon, but most of your clients won’t understand you. Make sure you are talking to them with terms they would recognize. Medicare is confusing enough! 

Say Their Name: This goes back to establishing that connection. Saying their “correct” name will make them feel they are known and respected, not just another sales call. 

Present a Solution: Whether your client has certain medications they need to be covered or certain doctors they need to see, offering them a solution to meet their needs will show them that you’re listening and have a vested interest in ensuring their needs are recognized and taken care of. A bonus if you’re using UIG’s Sunfire Quoting and Enrollment tool; it will store this information year after year for you.

Present the Value: Going over the plan values vs. Original Medicare, what their cost savings will be, what the premium is, and what their out-of-pocket expenses will be is beneficial to your clients when choosing their plan. Maybe they travel a lot, and they need the coverage for out-of-network doctors; letting them know of that value will help them see why this plan is best for them. Or maybe they could benefit from free transportation to their appointments; these additional perks must be explained to your clients. Knowing the value each plan brings will help them with their final decision. 

Become their Friend: You’ve established the connection at this appointment, but it doesn’t end there. Make sure you continue you build on that relationship by staying in contact with them. Make a note to call them at the beginning of January after they have received their cards to check in! This call gives you the opportunity to discuss Ancillary products such as Hospital Indemnity, Cancer, and Life. The more products they have with you, the stickier they become!

Take the time to perfect your clients’ experience this AEP season. And don’t forget about them in your off-season! If you need assistance or have questions about improving your clients’ experience, don’t hesitate to contact your Broker Sales Specialist or call (800) 878-1058, ext. 1380. 

Libby Elliott, Broker Sales Specialist