Newly Licensed Agents

Congratulations on receiving your agent license! Taking the next step in your career is an exciting time. You learned a-lot going through the training to become a licensed agent, but now what? Which products are you going to sell, what carriers should you get appointed with? Your clients will rely on you to help them make the best decision in regards to their healthcare.  It can be overwhelming but a field marketing organization (FMO), like United Insurance Group (UIG), is here to help you. With over 35 years of experience in the individual senior market with products including Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement, hospital indemnity and other senior focused ancillary products UIG is here to help you succeed.

With a UIG partnership, our main goal is cultivating a relationship with you. We want you to be equipped with the materials, knowledge, and support so you can reach your full potential.

While having the right companies & products in your portfolio is important; the key to achieving overall success is a well-orchestrated marketing system. UIG has developed a blueprint for success designed to support you in four critical areas:

Once appointed with UIG, there are many benefits we offer that will help you grow your client base, save you time and provide the support when you need it the most:

  • Online Quoting Tool (Through our Broker Resource Center)
  • Lead Programs
  • Multi-Carrier Online Contracting
  • Comprehensive Product Portfolio
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Competitive Commission Schedule

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have on our services, and how an FMO can help you achieve more.

Linda Isbell
Broker Sales Specialist
800-878-1058, ext. 6510
[email protected]
Libby Elliott
Broker Sales Specialist
800-878-1058, ext. 4503
[email protected]
Dan Rhen
Broker Sales Specialist
800-878-1058, ext. 1337
[email protected]