New LifeSecure Incentive Plan from UIG. Puts Money in Your Pocket with the First App!

UIG has a brand-new incentive program that puts money in your pocket with the first app you sell!

Our 5-6-$700 incentive program with LifeSecure™ runs Aug. 1-Dec. 31 and pays you $200 for the first app and $500 with the sixth app for a total of $700! 5 months, 6 apps, $700! We’ve even made it easy for you to reach out to your clients by creating template emails you can use. Click on Resources, then Marketing Materials, and get started now!


Not currently selling LifeSecure™? Call us at 800-878-1058 and one of our licensed broker sales specialists will start the contract process ASAP so you can begin earning incentives and commissions right away!



UIG will offer agents $200 for the first LifeSecure application issued and an additional $500 when the sixth application is issued, for a total opportunity of a $700 bonus for writing their first six issued applications. The incentive program runs from Aug. 1-Dec. 31 (Submitted dates). Eligible products include LifeSecure accident, hospital recovery and critical illness products. The six applications can be any combination of eligible products. Agents must be licensed, appointed through UIG and in good standing with LifeSecure to be eligible. UIG reserves the right to make modifications or cancel this program at any time. The value of any award will be reported as income to the awarded recipient in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. To the extent that the value of any award will be included in the recipient’s income, the recipient will be responsible for any taxes due. UIG will pay the incentive 30 days after the effective date.