Michael P. Rubino – UIG’s Gamechanger in September

Michael P. Rubino, Registered Financial Consultant, is Chief Executive Officer of the Rubino Financial Group. He’s spent years helping people manage their wealth, providing sound financial advice and educating investors since 1983. After 35 years, you’d think Mike would have retirement on his mind. A Thursday afternoon golf league, winters down south, maybe a Caribbean cruise . . . but no.

“I tried retiring. I work because I would get in trouble if I didn’t,” he laughed.

So, why’s a guy like Mike starting to sell Medicare health insurance policies at this point in his life?

Mike explained that even though he has no plans to retire, he wanted to work smarter and not harder and began to look at his business in a different way. In the financial world, acquiring new clients meant spending time hosting seminars and dinner events in the evening, when prospective clients got out of work. That makes for some pretty long days. But now, his clients who have been with him for a number of years have become Medicare-eligible and in need of health care advice. And in the Medicare world, most meetings are held during the day.

Mike saw a need and became certified with a few carriers to sell Medicare and was off to the races.

Going from the financial to the insurance world was quite a change for Mike. At first, he found difficulties discerning the differences among the benefits of the carriers and in finding selling points of the plans. But that’s where Libby Elliott, from UIG, came in.

“Libby’s been great,” Mike said. “I’m the guy who talks to the client, but I find the right people to help me,” he said. “Libby encouraged me to stick it out, to continue, telling me it will get better. She’s always helpful when I call,” referring to the support Libby provided him throughout his training and certification process with the carriers.

Mike built his financial business from hosting seminars and is finding success doing the same thing with Medicare meetings. He’s using newspaper advertising to seek new clients and once he’s talking to them about Medicare plans, he also bringing them across the table to the financial side – a win/win.

“In our business, you have to grow,” he said. Something Mike and his team know how to do.