Marketing Tip: 10 Ideas to Post on Social Media

We’ve been talking about social media for a while now, haven’t we? We’re seeing more and more agents launch their social media pages, and have already have had some success. If you need help with posting ideas, look no further.

1. Client Video Testimony – record a willing, happy client and post it on your social pages! Help them out by asking them a question and let them answer it.

2. Caption This – snap a pic of something unique in your office and ask your followers to caption it. Best one could earn a prize!

3. Community Event – anything going on in your local area? Post about it.

4. What’s Covered App? Show your clients the what’s covered app from they can add to their phone to see if Medicare covers certain procedures they need.

5. Free Medicare Review – make sure you provide a call to action.

6. AEP Questions – What can you help clients with during AEP season? They want to know.

7. Most frequently asked client questions series – Maybe you do this on a Monday and maybe you do this as a video.

8. Post a Scenario – if someone has a unique situation, post about the details, without giving personal information of course, and how you were able to help them!

9. Give health tips – Is it flu season? Allergy season? What about reminding them why walking and getting up and moving is so important? Lots of healthy tips out there.

10. Post weather related information – Storm coming? Post on how to prepare for storms, and to keep tabs on your medical information in case it is needed in the event of an emergency.

If you need help getting started with social media, please reach out to our team, or call us at (800) 878-1058, ext. 1380 and we can help you get started!