Make Time for Social Media During AEP

We get it; this is the busiest time of year for you. With many appointments, long days on the road, mounds of paperwork, and your regular life, it’s a lot to keep up with this time of year. Not to add more to your plate, but it’s important to keep up with your business social media accounts, even this time of the year. You’ve worked hard all year to keep these accounts active; don’t lose all that momentum by becoming silent during AEP season!

You might have groaned, UGH, during the first paragraph of this article, but don’t worry; we have EASY ideas for you to stay active on social media this AEP season. Over the last few years, we have talked about many of these ideas for content you can use, but we’ll outline a few ideas for you so you can get your creative juices flowing this busy season!

Posting Ideas

  • Be Consistent –. Not only does consistency help with relationship building, but the more you’re engaging and posting, the more your postings will be seen by your audience. Aim to post at least once a week during AEP, preferably twice weekly. With Facebook, you can schedule these postings ahead of time. This is a big time-saver for you, so take advantage of it!
  • Stay Compliant – CMS has strict rules when it comes to marketing, especially this year. Ensuring you stay generic in your postings and content will help you remain compliant. However, the carriers you are appointed with may have CMS-approved postings/graphics you can use! This is so easy to add to your content rotation; you know it’s safe to use. If you are a UIG agent, we have compiled some compliant generic graphics to help you. Ask us where to find them on the BRC! 
  • Video Content – Make room in your schedule for some videos! This could be a testimonial from a client or even a chat from the driver’s seat of your car while you’re waiting for your next client! You could update them on the latest happenings in the insurance world, local area happenings or even answer some client questions you’ve been receiving lately (remember to stay compliant!). The Facebook algorithms love videos, so this will only help you out in the rankings – in other words, they’ll show your videos to more people! 

Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it must be consistent! Utilizing an hour of your time once or twice a month will help you keep your personal branding on track, even during AEP season! As always, if you need any help, reach out to your UIG Broker Sales Specialist