Keep Your Budget in Mind When Hosting Educational Events

Hosting educational events in your community helps put you in front of the right people to not only fill a void your community may have but also enables you to gain referrals and credibility as an insurance agent for those around you. Some may think hosting an educational event is way out of your budget. We get it; things are expensive right now, especially when you own your own business. But with proper planning and resource management, you can host these events on a budget.

  1. Define your objective: To get the most out of your budget, really consider what your community needs. Does your target market need more knowledge on Medicare, or would it be more beneficial to host a seminar on using a smartphone? Making informed decisions will make your investment worth it in the end. Getting seniors into the room by providing them value will benefit them and you!
  2. Choose an affordable venue: You don’t need to book space at a hotel or the fancy banquet center. Look into your local community centers, libraries, financial planner office, or college campuses near you. A smaller venue might be better suited for your event.
  3. Plan the schedule and duration: Once you figure out your topic, consider how much time you need. If you need less than an hour, you may be able to negotiate a less expensive rate. Sometimes places charge you for a half-day rental; they may work with you if you need a shorter amount of time.
  4. Leverage partnerships and sponsorships: Use the strategies from your grassroots marketing campaigns. Connect with those in your community to see how you can work together to educate the aging population. Consider talking with your Broker Sales Specialist at UIG to see how you can work together for these events.
  5. Use low-cost marketing services available to you: Social media is a free platform for you to use to get your information out there. You can do email newsletters for relatively low costs through services such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. Keep track of your registrations through free services such as Eventbrite, which also lets you advertise, for free, your events on their websites too. Even printing flyers and hanging them up at local diners, community centers, etc., will help get the word out about your event.
  6. Provide affordable refreshments: Light refreshments like coffee, tea, water, and light snacks will help keep your event affordable. If you’re looking for something more substantial, try partnering with a local café or bakery that may help cover some of those costs. But don’t forget the CMS guidelines for what you can offer; talk to your UIG Broker Sales Specialist for these details.
  7. Utilize Your Resources: If you’ve partnered with an FMO and Carriers, you may not realize all of the options available regarding topics and presentations. You don’t always have to re-create something when you partner with the right people. Contact your Broker Sales Specialist. They can offer you some of our already designed presentations or direct you where to get carrier-created presentations. It may be easier than you think it is!

UIG provides appointed agents with a personalized Medicare Basics presentation kit. This kit includes the PowerPoint presentation, permission to contact card & sign-in sheet, scope of appointment, flyer, and guidance from your Broker Sales Specialist! This will all be personalized for you and will include your contact information and photo!

Hosting an educational event doesn’t have to break the bank. With the referrals you’ll acquire, you’ll often see a return on your investment immediately. UIG can walk you through the steps while keeping the big picture in mind. Ask how UIG will reimburse you $500 for hosting an educational event!