Important AEP Dates to Remember

As agents and carriers, we are all preparing for AEP like nobody’s business right now! Your clients might have a different view of when AEP actually is, and what they can do, and when they can do it. If you’re active on social media or are connecting with your agents somehow or another, it might be a good time to remind them of these important AEP dates to remember, so they don’t miss out! 

  • 10/1 – 10/14 –You can let them know that during this time period, you can talk to them about the new plans from carriers that may work for them, how you could lower their out-of-pocket expenses, check for any new medications they are now using, and how their plan could change for the following year. But they can’t enroll just yet…
  • 10/15 – 12/7 – Now you can meet with them to make the actual changes and sign on the dotted line. This has given them some time to think about their options and knows they can put their trust in you to do what is in their best interest! Remind them you’ll also follow up with them towards the end of AEP season in case they have any additional questions (and to make sure they haven’t been sold another plan).
  • 1/1 – The first of the year is when their new plan kicks in and they can expect to receive their Medicare cards and new plan information. Also, a great time for you as their agent to check in on them to make sure they are all set with their new plan.

As an agent, you understand how important these dates are, but your client may think they have until the end of the year to make changes to their plan. Your job is to educate, and continuous communication will do the trick! Contact the team at UIG if you have any questions pertaining to these dates, we’d be happy to help!