How to Host an Educational Seminar Online

As we are all getting used to the “new” way of doing things, and the need to become more familiar with the how’s of conducting business online, it’s important to know you can talk to clients face-to-face to educate them on Medicare, even right now. We’ve come up with some information on how you can do this, and stay compliant with CMS.

Staying Compliant

CMS guidelines tell us, educational events are designed to INFORM potential enrollees about Medicare programs and DO NOT include marketing activities.

In order to stay compliant, you must follow these guidelines for Medicare Educational Seminars:

  • Do not include any sales activities such as the distribution of marketing materials or collection of plan applications
  • Must be advertised as “educational”
  • If promoting via email you must have a way for email recipients to opt-out of communication from you

However, you are allowed to:

  • Answer beneficiary-initiated questions (just not plan/carrier-specific)
  • Set up future marketing appointments, (this includes completing and collecting a Scope of Appointment (SOA) form) – You can do this online now through the UIG Broker Resource Center (BRC)!  
  • Distribute contact information for beneficiaries to initiate contact

Develop a Presentation with the Basics of Medicare in Mind

To start, you’ll want to know what you’re going to talk about, right? Your goal is to educate potential clients, those already enrolled in Medicare, and also those turning 65 soon, on what each piece of the Medicare puzzle actually means. Some may not know what the difference is between Original Medicare, Part A, and Part B, Medicare Advantage, and of course Prescription Drug Plans. Educate them so they may be prepared to make the best choices for themselves. If you don’t have a presentation of your own ask us about using our Medicare Basics Educational Event presentation.

And Then There Was Technology

Zoom, Google Meet, Google Hang Outs, Go to My Webinar – there are a lot of choices for you. These are all pretty easy to navigate, with Zoom probably being the easiest to use for all parties, and some of your potential clients may even be familiar with this tool right now. Pick one and familiarize yourself with it so you are ready to go. When it’s time for your meeting, sign in about 15 minutes beforehand to make sure all technical kinks are ironed out. Remember, we’re all still figuring everything out, don’t stress if you have a hiccup. Your clients will be understanding.

Connect Online

If you haven’t started your social media pages, now is the time to do it. People, including seniors, are spending their time online, reading news, catching up with family and friends, etc. Now is the time to make sure you’re present on these channels. So, create your company page, post on your company page, announce that you are doing online Medicare meetings. Get the word out there.

Reach Out

While you’re at home, use this time to see how you can be of service to those in your community. This may mean contacting your local Chamber of Commerce, Senior Living Centers, Community Centers, and offer your services, let them know what you’re doing and explain what you have to offer the seniors in your community. If you’re able to, let them know you’re available to shop for seniors, help with outside chores, someone to talk to. Everyone can appreciate a little extra help these days to keep our most vulnerable population, safe and healthy.

For appointed agents, UIG will provide the following for you:

  • Graphics/Flyer Advertising Your Event – so you can send to potential clients and share on your social media
  • Medicare Basics Educational Seminar PowerPoint presentation

If you’re not appointed with UIG yet, we can get your contracting started right away so you can have access to these extra marketing tools. Contact your Broker Sales Specialist for more information!