How to Finish AEP Strong

There is so much buildup just getting to AEP season. Get your Medicare certification, carrier certifications, make sure you are Ready-to-Sell, attend carrier and FMO events, order supplies you need, and so much more. It’s months of training to even get to the start line.

But now that AEP is well underway, what can you do to ensure you finish strong?

Contact Your Clients

Make sure you contact each of your current clients, even if their current plan is still the same. Things can and are likely to change throughout the year. These changes might require a different plan, such as moving, new doctors, or even new medications. If you send out an annual letter to your clients, they know you’ll be contacting them, so make sure you do!

*If you did not send a Pre-AEP letter, call UIG at (800) 878-1058, Ext. 1380. We offer a variety of letters you can choose from. Plan for next year!

Inflation is Affecting Seniors Too

Annual inflation is a significant factor for many this year, especially seniors. Many seniors live on a fixed income, so dealing with higher prices can be especially daunting. Be ready to help your clients figure out their total costs-including both premiums and expected out-of-pocket costs- so they can pick the right plan to get them through the following year while protecting their finances. Helping them see the big picture will help them continue to put their trust in you.

Stick to Your Goals

AEP is not a sprint, but it’s a marathon. Make sure you pace yourself throughout AEP by setting attainable goals. Planning this out with clear, specific, and achievable goals will help determine if you’re staying on track or falling behind. There’s still time to get back on track!

Take Time for Yourself

Giving yourself rewards for hard work and taking time for yourself will help keep your energy up! Small rewards, such as a treat from your favorite bakery or coffee drink, will bring a smile to your face and help you keep pushing forward. Once AEP finishes, treat yourself to a bigger reward! That could be a vacation to your favorite destination, a day with your family, or even a day at the spa! Having something to look forward to will help you keep pushing forward!

Call your Broker Sales Specialist to receive a sweet treat or drink on UIG! Expires on 12/7/22.

Talk About Supplemental Policies

If your AEP is not as busy as you would like, reach out to your current clients to offer them supplemental policies, such as Cancer, Hospital Indemnity, or even dental and vision policies. They will appreciate your contact, and you may even get a referral or two out of it!

Or we know your AEP is busy, but do not forget to schedule an appointment to add a product, remember only the DVH and HI can be discussed during your AEP

Ask for Referrals

Remember, you are running a business, and along with helping your clients, you also need to make sure you are marketing yourself. Ask each of your clients for any referrals they may have. If they are happy with your service, they won’t have any problem giving your name to their friends and family. To stay compliant with CMS, make sure your clients know their referral will have to contact you first!

UIG is here to offer any support and guidance you may need during the AEP season and the rest of the year. Reach out to the Brokerage team if you need assistance reaching that finish line! Contact us at (800) 878-1058, Ext. 1380 or via email at [email protected]

Linda Isbell, Broker Sales Specialist