How Does UIG Stand Out From the Rest?

There are many FMO’s out there that want your business. Knowing how they differ from each other is the hard part, but trusting they will provide the support they promise can be even harder. UIG is committed to providing the support you need to succeed in the Medicare market. Our immediate release policy is proof of that, if you are not happy working with us we will provide you with an immediate release upon your request.

The UIG Brokerage Division works with independent agents, agencies, and general agencies, providing sales and marketing support, tools, technology, training, and access to the Medicare and ancillary products to help grow your business.


  • Our Brokerage team is comprised of licensed agents that can help answer any complex Medicare client and other questions you may have. We provide you with the support, expertise, and research needed for you to be the hero for your client.
  • As your Medicare FMO UIG will:
    • Provide the highest commissions, including GA contracts
    • Walk you through the contracting process
    • Ensure you always own your book of business
    • Grant immediate releases if requested. That’s how confident we are you won’t find better support anywhere in the industry as an independent agent.


  • UIG agents have access to a wide variety of in-person, virtual, and on-demand training that includes not just product training but actual sales and marketing training, as well as access to a personal Medicare sales mentor.


  • UIG provides you with a one-stop-shop for marketing tools, from social media content to turning 65 mailers customized with your or your agencies’ information.
  • We also ensure you make connections with local carrier reps to ensure you can take advantage of local marketing co-op dollars and local market-specific product training.

Quoting & Enrollment

  • You have access to an online multi-carrier Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Quoting & Enrollment platform. Allowing you to quote and enroll Medicare Advantage clients, save their drug list, and text or email Scope Of Appointments for signature.

UIG is unlike any other FMO you’ve ever worked with. If you’d like to learn more about us and talk to our Broker Sales Specialists, please call us at (800) 878-1058, ext. 1380.