Helpful Information for Your Clients

As an agent, your job is to keep the best interest of your client at heart. Providing them useful information, such as prescription drug savings plans, not only shows them you know the business but also shows them that you do care about their financial and physical well-being.

GoodRx is a website where your clients search for the particular prescription they are looking to get filled. The website will show all local pharmacies with coupons available, and what the cost is. They are then able to have the coupon printed from their home computer, sent via text message, or even emailed to them.

GoodRx is good for everyone whether they have insurance or not. Your clients won’t be able to combine GoodRx with insurance to lower any co-pays, but it may be able to beat a copay, especially if they have a high-deductible plan. The pharmacy will be able to tell your client if GoodRx will be able to beat the copay or not. They would just tell them to use the GoodRx coupon instead. It’s also important for them to know if they use the coupon, it won’t go towards their deductible.

If your clients are looking for a way to save money, this is an option you could offer to them!