Head, Shoulders, Knees and……..Broken!

Increase your AEP commission potential with ancillary products!!

Are you ensuring your clients have adequate coverage in case of a hospital stay? Are you leaving additional commission on the table during AEP?
By checking the ancillary products box on your Scope Appointment form, you have the opportunity to discuss ancillary products at that appointment. Below is an example of a straight MAPD sale and a combination sale and the impact it has on coverage, premium and commission:

Monthly Premium Deductible Hospital Inpatient
MAPD Commission Hospital Recovery Insurance (HRI) Monthly Premium HRI
Total Annual Premium Total Annual Commission
Option 1 MAPD $63 $0 $250 $190 $756.00 $190
Option 2 MAPD
$0 $285 $225 $190 $15K Annual
$300 Day
$37.06 $183 $444.72 $373

By pairing Hospital Recovery Insurance (HRI) with medical and drug Coverage, you can extend your clients protection to help with copays and unexpected costs following a hospital stay.

Call or email us now for product details and contracting information. It’s not too late to dramatically increase your commissions during AEP!


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