Gamechangers: Brian and Holly Karcz

It’s time to make the donuts! A saying that was first used in a donut commercial, has now turned into the motto Brian and Holly Karcz have built their business around. Waking up before dawn to hit the ground running has always come natural for them. Holly, a seasoned UnitedHealthcare employee for 14 years, and Brian, a retail Jeweler for over 30 years, put their talents together to build their dream business.

Brian and Holly, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, have set up an extraordinary business venture. What started out as sitting at a Kiosk in a grocery store for UnitedHealthcare, turned into buying commercial space inside the same grocery store to open their very own insurance office. They took an idea that most wouldn’t think of and turned it into a very successful endeavor. Local patrons of the Pick-n-Save grocery store have grown to recognize and trust Brian and Holly to handle their Medicare Insurance questions and needs.

They are true members of their community, by building the trust of those around them, they are able to not only help with insurance needs but are able to give back to those less fortunate. From serving in a soup kitchen two times a month, to providing toothbrushes/toothpaste to the homeless community and even helping diabetics obtain free diabetic kits, has put them on the map in their community.

They are continuing to build their business despite the setbacks we’ve all experienced from COVID-19. After opening their new office, they have been bringing on new agents and are using this time to certify and train so they are ready to make the donuts when the time is right! One thing that has been booming for them during this time is selling Ancillary products, specifically GTL. They have had great success in reaching out to their current clients, via a well-executed marketing mailing piece, to talk to them about the benefits of these plans. They like to refer to these ancillary plans as the sprinkles on the donuts! Brian and Holly should probably start packing their bags for the GTL incentive trip to Bermuda, because they are well on their way!

Brian and Holly came to UIG from a referral from another UIG agent and couldn’t be happier with the relationship between them and their Broker Sales Specialist, Libby Elliott. “The partnership with UIG and Libby has been amazing. We feel valued, supported and respected when we’re working with her. UIG ranks right up there with the support UnitedHealthcare has provided us over the years!”

Watch out for Holly and Brian as they continue to grow their business. We are excited to watch them take it to the next level!