Gamechanger: Kathy Springer

Kathy Springer, of Springer Senior Solutions, knows how to network, and believes that is what has gotten her to where she is today. Over 23 years ago, Kathy started out as an account manager for an insurance company, specializing in small group insurance, with no prior experience in the industry. She knew in order to be successful she needed to obtain as much knowledge about the industry as possible, but also position herself among the right people. Introducing herself to the right people and asking questions got her the recognition in her company that she needed to get promoted and eventually onto other companies.

Paulding County Chamber of Commerce Kathy Springer
Ribbon Cutting at Paulding County Chamber of Commerce for Springer Senior Solutions

A leap of faith led Kathy from New York to Georgia in February of 2014. Leaving a six-figure income wasn’t an easy task, but she knew putting her trust in God and following His plan was something she was being led to do and didn’t let fear hold her back. Kathy was led straight to UIG’s Career Division from a friend, where she was quickly considered one of the top sellers in her area! She continued on with the same mindset she had as an Account Manager, “get to know as many people as possible!” After completing 5 years on the Career side, and being completely vested, Kathy transferred over to the Brokerage division at UIG. She was familiar with trusting God’s plan in her life so she thought, “I can do this on my own”, and so she did and hasn’t stopped pushing forward yet!

Positioning herself in the community as the expert in Insurance has shown to increase her referral business exponentially. Hosting educational seminars, Medicare 101, for the Seniors in her area, participating in a Seniors Pool Tournament at a local Senior center, or setting up a booth at local community events shows her commitment to her local community and builds relationships.  Being a friend to your community members reaps many rewards, including lasting friendships, business partnerships, and of course, referrals.

Being out in the community is an amazing thing, but Kathy knows there’s more to do. Since coming onto the Brokerage side, Kathy has built an amazing website and is continuously active on social media. She realizes there is great opportunity from online sources, and it’s an important part of her marketing plan and strategy.

Living and doing business in Georgia, Kathy works with Linda Isbell, Broker Sales Specialist on the Brokerage team, and has been pleased with her ability to help get things done. “Linda has been awesome, she’s always available and is front and center on my side with any issues that arise. She is very much appreciated!”

Kathy’s key to success in her life has been one simple statement: Do Not Be Afraid. Do not be afraid to take the chance, ask for the referral or to make a friend. It will pay off for you in so many ways! UIG wishes her much success and offers support for her business, clients and continued growth!