Gamechanger July 2023

A UIG Gamechanger is an insurance agent making strides in their business and their community. A Gamechanger is thinking outside the box and utilizing the opportunities available to them while serving their community in the best possible way. UIG continues to showcase these agents to give other agents ideas for their business, but we also want to recognize their hard work and dedication to succeed in this rewarding career. 

So, this month, we are showcasing another one of our outstanding agents: Meet Sara from the Flint, Michigan, area. Sara has recognized that the Medicare population is significantly underserved in her area and decided she wants to be a part of the solution to educate and inform to remedy the ill.  

Tell Us About Yourself:

I’m an agent who came into the field by chance; I was working for a financial management company that saw the value of an independent agent for their clients aging into Medicare and encouraged me to become licensed. Initially, I also viewed Medicare as value-added for my employer, but I realized that the Medicare population is significantly underserved compared to the financial services industry and decided to set out on my own. Although this is not my first (or even second or third!) path in my professional career, I have found it most rewarding. I have met so many amazing beneficiaries and agents in my tenure and cannot wait to serve this community in the coming years.

How long have you been an agent? 

Four years.

How long have you been with UIG? 

Four years.

What do you like most about being an agent? 

What I love the most is the people. I embrace every opportunity to meet with new beneficiaries. While I know that every meeting will not result in a sale, I know that every meeting is a chance to offer a new perspective. I believe strongly in the power of options empowered by knowledge.

What do you think sets you apart from other agents in your area? 

This is a difficult question; the diversity of agents I’ve met during my time in the industry is astonishing. While I do believe we all share the common thread of wanting to help people, I think I am set apart by two things: First, my late start in the industry. I am not a career agent, and I believe the challenges I’ve faced coming into Medicare as a “second act” make me extraordinarily determined. Second, because Flint, MI, is in my backyard, I see this community has been wildly underserved, and I am incredibly passionate about remedying that ill.

How does UIG support your business efforts?

Libby, my dedicated Broker Sales Specialist, supports me endlessly. Whether I’m looking for a new carrier appointment or marketing dollars, there is a single phone number that I call, and that’s Libby. She informs me of any educational opportunities available to insurance agents, and when I’m feeling defeated, she props me up and encourages me to persevere.

What are some of your interests/activities? 

My daughter is a competitive indoor percussionist, and I am an avid volunteer for her group. I am also a multi-instrumental musician, and in my free time, I enjoy reading and cooking.

Sara will continue to be a Gamechanger in the Senior Insurance Agent Industry, and we are excited to watch her grow and partner with her along the way! If you’re looking for an FMO to partner with to help you grow, cheer you on, and support your ideas, reach out to us at [email protected].