Gamechanger: Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith, a Medicare Insurance agent in Houston Texas, brings much more to the table than her extensive insurance knowledge. Elizabeth, Senior Advocate for many years, knows how to interact with seniors and knows the challenges they face after turning 65. Her goal is to educate her clients before they are faced with a crisis.

Elizabeth has always been eager to help people in her path. She feels the educating part is one of the most important aspects of relationship building. When first meeting with a client, she holds a ‘Medicare 101’ meeting with them to make sure they understand what Original Medicare, Part A and Part B actually are. This enables them to make the right choices for their health, not for when they are healthy but looking further into the future when they may need expensive medical procedures, prescription drugs, or help with their daily care. Once her clients recognize she is there solely to help them, they begin to trust her and turn to her with any questions regarding their healthcare needs.

Elizabeth is no stranger to her community. She serves on many committees, including the Patient/Family Advisory board for her local hospital, adjunct professor, relationships with her local social security office, a notary contact for area senior/nursing home centers, amongst many, many more! Being known in her community has helped her become known as the area expert on all things Medicare and Senior related. She gains much of her business through referrals through her community outreach, and of course her clients refer her to their family and friends. A referral-based business is her only marketing plan!

The COVID pandemic has not slowed her sales down one bit. She is safely meeting with clients in her office, picking up their prescriptions for them, and is reminding them she can be a resource and a friend during these trying times.

After being less than thrilled with her previous FMO, Elizabeth came to UIG in early 2020 and has been astonished by the level of support she’s been offered. Whether it is weekly check-in phone calls, emails answered promptly, or marketing support, she knows she’s being taken care of and can bring her business to the next level. UIG is thrilled to have Elizabeth part of our team!