Gamechanger: August 2022

A Gamechanger to us is making strides in their business and their community. Showcasing these agents not only gives other agents ideas on how they can build their business but also recognizes these agents for their hard work in the field. So, this month we recognize one of our outstanding agents from Ohio. Let us introduce Holly to you!

How long have you been an agent? And how many years have you been with UIG?

 I have been in the insurance industry for five years and with UIG for two years. When I decided to become an agent, I initially thought about becoming an AFLAC agent but realized that wasn’t the right fit for me. I saw information on UIG through the website, social media, and e-newsletters. So, I investigated and quickly decided this was the FMO I wanted to join.

What sets you apart from other agents? 

 I genuinely enjoy helping people. Before I became an agent, I was an elected official. Being an elected official, I always tried to find solutions for the people I serve in my community. The same goes for the clients I serve; I invest in people. My job is to educate, so a big part of my presentation is ensuring they understand their options through education. That way, they don’t feel like I am there to take advantage of them. I build trust by being there for them before and after the sale.

How Do You Market Yourself to Stay in Front of Your Clients?

 I have been hosting educational events at local libraries, becoming a vendor at local senior expos and fairs, and advertising in the local community papers. The combination of these tactics has brought in many leads. For example, at the senior expo and fairs, I will do a game at my booth that helps me to engage with them, or I will do a raffle basket, which also allows me to collect permission to contact forms! I always make sure I introduce myself to all of the other vendors at these events. I have gotten many referrals and gotten into their inner circles!

Meeting with my local carrier reps has been successful as well. They are there to help me succeed this AEP season and all year long.

I have learned that being face-to-face with seniors makes a difference. They are tired of receiving mailings and receiving phone calls. My prospects and referrals multiply when I am out in the field meeting with them, which I thoroughly enjoy!

Being in the field is the most important to me, but I also have a new website and use Facebook to connect and engage. I believe everything I do for marketing compliments the next thing.

What are some of your personal interests/hobbies/activities?

 I love spending time with my family; I am very family oriented. I am married with two children and two Goldendoodles.I enjoy hanging out at the summer pool with my sweet family.

Holly is an agent who is on the move. Taking the initiative to integrate all of her marketing sets her apart as an agent. We are excited to watch her grow, see what she will do next, and support her along the way! If you’re looking for an FMO to partner with that will help you grow, cheer you on, and support your ideas, reach out to UIG at [email protected]