Don’t leave gaps in your MAPD clients coverage.

Did open enrollment decisions leave unexpected gaps in your clients’ health coverage? If so, you could be leaving your clients at risk – and leaving money on the table.

Now is a great time to touch base with your clients to see if you can provide an affordable way to complete their health care package with hospital indemnity insurance and put extra money in your pocket.

If your clients chose to enroll in a Medicare Advantage (MAPD) plan they may be unaware of the potential financial risks of high hospital inpatient copays. In fact, only 4% of people can correctly define co-pay, deductible, out-of-pocket maximum and co-insurance, according to a recent study. Hospital inpatient copays are typically the largest copays for MAPD plans. They can be up to $400 or more per day.

Here’s a quick tip to get started: conduct a health insurance inventory. Start simple by educating your clients on their current coverage, then ask to review their medical plans and make sure they understand how their coverage works – from deductibles and co-pays for doctor visits to procedures like surgery and hospital stays. Detailing potential out-of-pocket costs can highlight where ancillary coverage can step up when medical plans fall short. Discuss with them how adding a hospital indemnity plan can complete their healthcare package. If cost is an issue and it is still OEP they can make a change to a lower cost MAPD plan and add a hospital indemnity plan.

You can also use the same health insurance inventory with new clients who you are not the agent of record for their Medicare plans. Not only can you protect them from high inpatient hospital copay costs but set yourself up for the opportunity to earn their Medicare business next AEP.

If you are interested in learning more about how to sell a complete health care package to your clients and limit their out-of-pocket financial exposure. Contact one of our Broker Sales Specialists and ask about our training courses available to UIG agents.

We just completed a focused training on how to sell hospital indemnity and the agents that attended are already successfully selling!