Could Your Clients Benefit from a Medicare Supplement Plan?

When you meet with your clients, do you know right away what plan or product will suit them? Using your Fact Finder Sheet (ask us about this!), you should be able to identify what you can offer your client. In some cases, it may make sense to offer a Medicare Advantage plan to your clients, but it may make more sense in some cases to offer a Medicare Supplement plan. In this article, we’ll discuss what to take into consideration that would make sense to offer a Medicare Supplement plan to your client.

First, establish if your clients are eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan. Do they have these qualifications?

  • Enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B and do not already have a Medicare Advantage plan (or are not keeping their MA plan in the future).
  • Inside their 6-month Med Supp open enrollment period beginning on the first day of their birthday month that they turn 65.
  • Can pass underwriting.
  • In their 12-month Trial Right period.

It’s important to know all these qualifications ahead of time, along with the information you have gathered from the Fact Finder Sheet. Sometimes a carrier could disqualify your client for specific medical conditions, including a recent hospital stay, even if they have all of these qualifications.

Medicare Supplement plans may not be best suited for all your clients. When identifying which client a Med Supp plan would be for, consider these factors: 

Which of Your Clients Would a Medicare Supplement Plan Be Best For? 

Budget Conscious: Many seniors you may encounter may be on a fixed income with little wiggle room. A Med Supp plan can assist Original Medicare with added benefits that could help them to keep track of their monthly healthcare costs. Be sure to offer these options to these clients when they are FIRST eligible because as they age and incur other health diagnoses, they may not qualify for a Med Supp plan later in life. 

Rural Living: Medicare Advantage options may be limited for those living in a rural area. A Med Supp plan and Original Medicare can allow your clients to see any provider in their area that accepts Medicare. A Med Supp plan will give them the peace of mind of not having to drive as far to find a provider in-network! 

Travelers: Just like those living in rural areas, clients can see any doctor or facility that accepts Medicare when clients have a Med Supp plan and Original Medicare. They are free to travel without being concerned about their doctors “back home.” This is especially important for those snowbirds who like to spend their winters in a warmer climate. If they travel abroad, ensure the Med Supp plan you offer them will also cover this.

UIG Can Help Agents

As their agent, consider all factors of their lifestyle, age, and income to ensure they are in the best plan for them, now and in the future. Using the UIG Sunfire Online Quoting and Enrollment tool, you can quote out all these plans with all these factors considered. You can then offer suggestions based on costs and benefits to your clients! If you aren’t familiar with our quoting and enrollment tool, please contact our Broker Sales Specialists for more information and a quick tutorial on how to use it!

A versatile portfolio will help ensure you have your client’s best interest at heart! UIG can contract you with the top carriers for your area and educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of each Medicare Supplement plan! We ensure you’re covered, so you can ensure your clients are covered too! Reach out to our team by either calling (800) 878-1058, ext. 1380, or emailing us at [email protected].