AEP Is Over, What Now?

First, take that long desired nap!

But don’t take too long of a break!

Now is the time of the year to review your new business profitability. Gross vs. Net. If you do not have a quick system to help you do the calculations, give us a call and we will send you our Cost Worksheet that you can plug your actual numbers into.

Secondly, look into the many ways that you can cross sell your clients. Not only are you helping to protect them from unexpected costs but clients with multiple products result in better retention and can generate additional income for you. With AEP over, you have time to review your book of business, identify clients that would benefit from additional coverage and start setting follow up supplemental coverage review appointments. Ask for a copy of our simple UIG Client Cross Selling Worksheet to help you through the process.

If you would like to discuss the many ways to increase your profitability by making ancillary products a part of your sales process we would love to help, so give us a call!

Loyal clients (over 5 years)
1 Product: 35%
2 Products: 56%
3+ Products: 92%

Please give your UIG Broker Sales Specialist a call at: 1-800-878-1058

Libby Elliott Ext. 4503, [email protected]
Linda Isbell Ext. 6510, [email protected]
Gina Blake Ext. 1403, [email protected]