You’re Almost to the AEP Finish Line

Wow, that went fast! We’re over halfway through the AEP season! Hopefully, by now, you are in a rhythm of running appointments, calling your current clients and any new clients you might have, taking care of your back-office items (contact us for help!), and taking care of yourself and your family along the way! From here on out, let’s make sure you finish strong! 

Here are a few important suggestions to consider for the remaining weeks of AEP: 

  • Have you reached out to all your clients? This past year, they might have had health changes that could result in new or different medications or other health needs requiring a plan change. 

PRO TIP: If any of your clients are on a stand-alone PDP plan, let them know that the carrier might reach out by calling or receiving letters in the mail. Carriers often use those stand-alone PDP clients as a lead source to move them into a Medicare Advantage plan. As their agent, you know what best suits their needs. Remind your clients to say they “are working with an agent already.” 

  • Remember to check your emails and carrier’s sites for updates on applications you have just submitted. As it gets closer to the end of AEP, the window closes, and you might be unable to get back to the client to rewrite them. 
  • Along with medical changes, your clients may have had financial changes. Even if they are retired, some things may come up that cause a strain on their financial resources. We are in the service industry, and our clients count on us to ensure they sign up for the best plan available for their unique situation. Nobody wants to hear a client say, “I had a hard time paying for groceries because my medications are so expensive.” 

PRO TIP: If you suspect your client is having a financial hardship, consider assisting them with applying for EXTRA HELP (LOW INCOME SUBSIDY). If you do not have the time, you can get the link to them and let them apply for it. Remember, if your client receives approval for LIS, this will apply automatically to their plan. The client, as well as the carrier, will get that notification. This link will direct you to Medicare Extra Help.

  • Finally, as the season ends, reach out to your clients post-AEP to ensure they receive their packets and new ID cards. Reaching out to them gives you a chance to solidify your relationship, show them that you care, and talk about other coverage they might need. Did you offer them a Hospital Indemnity Plan? Would they benefit from a Cancer Policy or a Short Term Care Policy? Do they know you offer these plans as well? Contact your Broker Sales Specialist at UIG for a personalized flyer listing all your products. This is your opportunity to educate them on other products to help them protect their assets if any health issues arise. 

PRO TIP: Create a follow-up strategy for your clients. Along with phone calls, you could develop a marketing campaign. Part of that strategy could be sending out postcards or letters 2-3 times a year, letting them know what other products you offer. Stay top-of-mind, so another agent doesn’t swoop in and take over. You may even receive referrals from their friends and family! 

Agents who are appointed with UIG receive help with these strategies. Once appointed, you are partnered with a dedicated Broker Sales Specialist who is there to ensure you are doing all these things and more! Connect with us, and we can discuss what works best for you!