5-Step New Business Concept

Spring has sprung and you may be getting anxious about the upcoming 2020 AEP season, right? AEP is important but don’t forget about all those prospects turning 65 the rest of the year. You are not too late to establish an on-going relationship with prospective clients so when they are about to turn 65, YOU are the agent they want to work with!

In just 5 easy steps, you’ll have your name in front of prospective clients about to turn 65:

  1. CONTACT INFORMATION: Make up a sheet of labels with your contact information on them. Make up a second sheet of labels with the “instructions” on them (ask us for the details).
  2. BROWN PAPER BAGS: Label a bunch of large, brown paper grocery bags and keep them in your car. Whenever you come in contact with someone turning 65, you can give them one of the brown paper bags.
  3. MOTHERLOAD OF INFORMATION: Tell them to put all the marketing materials they receive from every carrier inside the bag as they receive them. Tell them to write down questions they have throughout the year as they arise and put them inside the bag as well. 
  4. FOLLOW-UP: Then call them every few months to see if there is anything in the bag they want to discuss. Questions about Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage or ancillary products? You’re good? OK, we’ll talk soon.
  5. RELATIONSHIP ESTABLISHED: Put it on your calendar to call them every few months to check in. Then a couple of months before they turn 65 set an appointment to review any materials they have gathered and enroll them in a Medicare product. By then you are a familiar voice, someone with whom they have already established a relationship.


Take it one step further and go to the senior centers where you held educational or sales meetings. Open one bag, put a few folded bags inside, add a bag of candy and give it to the person who helped you organize your meetings as a thank you. Let your contact person know that if anyone comes in with questions throughout the year, to give them a bag. Ask your contact person to hand out the bags and you will get the referrals!

Contact your Brokerage Sales Specialist to learn if you qualify for a brown bag starter kit!