5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Medicare Advantage Clients

You’ve set the appointment, drove 20 minutes to get there, spent 45 minutes at the appointment, made a sale, and you’re done, right? Wait a minute…there is an opportunity to talk about other benefits for them. They may have a procedure they would like to get done but haven’t yet due to their insurance not covering it, or they may not realize they can lower their out-of-pocket with a different prescription drug plan. Are they planning on traveling or living out of state for a portion of the year? Asking questions and talking your clients through certain scenarios may open their mind to other coverage they didn’t know existed, or even thought was too expensive for them.

Asking your clients the following questions may open up the conversation for additional benefits for them:

  1. Are there any significant procedures you know you will need soon? Certain procedures, especially those requiring inpatient stays can result in large out-of-pocket costs. Asking this question allows you to be the hero by showing them how a plan like hospital indemnity can help cover some of those costs.
  2. Do you have a current list of medications? Using their list of medications to help match them with the most cost-effective plan can save them significant out-of-pocket costs for their medications. Additionally, talking about the advantages of switching to generic drugs when possible, can provide savings that may be music to their ears.
  3. Are you financially secure enough to handle a lifechanging accident? When asked this question, it can really make your clients think. There are out-of-pocket costs that can add up, even with a Medicare Advantage plan. Adding an ancillary package to their chosen MA plan will make sure their out-of-pocket costs are covered in the event of an emergency. Helping them maintain their financial security should be on your radar as their agent.
  4. Do you live out of state or travel frequently now that you are retired, or nearing retirement? Setting your clients up with the right plans depending on if they travel or have a second home will ensure they have the flexibility they need for the lifestyle they have. Switching your clients to a PPO plan rather than an HMO plan allows them to see doctors hassle free when they are away from home.
  5. Have you seen Plan F Increases? If you have clients enrolled in a Medicare Supplement Plan F, they may have started to see rate increases. This is due to the fact that Plan F is no longer available to new Medicare eligible driving the rates up. This trend will continue over the coming years, so talking to them about a Medicare Advantage plan and how it can save them money is something you should do when meeting with them.

Having the answers to these questions will help you get to know your clients, and give you the ability to offer them the best products for their unique situation.  Giving them the peace-of-mind when you walk out the door, or close out the Zoom window, that you have their best interest at heart is priceless. These are the things that will help secure yourself a client for life, and hopefully some referrals too!

The UIG Brokerage team develops a one-on-one mentor relationship with agents to walk them through scenarios such as these. We offer agents the personalized training so they can be successful in their business. If you are looking for an FMO that has your best interests at heart, please contact us at (800) 878-1058, ext. 1380.