Why Should I Use an FMO?

Have you been wondering what the advantages are to using a Field Marketing Organization (FMO)? If you are a seasoned insurance agent, or just starting out in the industry, United Insurance Group can do more for you than you may realize.

There are certain myths that agents may think will happen when partnering with an FMO; UIG is here to debunk them:

Myth: An FMO will have control over my commissions; and will receive a chunk of my hard-earned commission.

Actual: You earned your commission, it’s yours to keep. FMO’s are paid an override through the carrier themselves, at no cost to you. In most cases, the carrier will still pay you directly for your commissions. There are however some carriers that UIG works with that require UIG to pay commissions. Ask us for details.

Myth: FMO’s just want a piece of the pie and don’t offer anything to me.

Actual: UIG is here to support you in anyway possible. We can answer questions on policies, carriers, marketing, anything you need, we are here for you. Each of our independent agents are partnered with a Broker Sales Specialist, who are also Licensed Insurance Agents. They know the products, know how to sell them and can provide you with guidance so you can grow your client base.

At UIG, our main priority is cultivating a relationship with our agents. We want you to be equipped with materials, knowledge and support so you can reach your full potential. The secret to our success is your success.

Myth: Once I get appointed with a carrier through an FMO I am locked into them forever or it is very difficult to get a release.

Actual: Carriers have different rules regarding releases but at UIG, we provide all our agents with a release guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy working with UIG, we will provide a release letter at your request. Simply put, we believe you will be happy working with us but if for any reason you are not, we want you to control your own destiny.

Have any other questions before you join an FMO?  We can help.