Retention Strategies that Work

Having an effective strategy for client retention will take your business to the next level. Do you have a strategy in place? Remember, hope is not a strategy. Your strategy does not need to be complicated or expensive. Just one that works for both you and your clients.

Here are a few tips to find the strategy that works best for your business, and your clients:

Personalize Your Service

As an insurance agent specializing in Medicare products, you are most likely offering your clients the same products an agent down the road can. How do you get yourself and your products to stand out? By personalizing the client’s experience. Get to know them and their unique needs (beyond doctors and medications) and match them with products to fill those needs. Maybe they travel a lot and need a product that can be used out of network. Would free transportation to and from a doctor benefit them? How about food delivery or sizable over-the-counter offerings? As their agent, listening to their needs is how you will be able to offer solutions to their problems, which is what will help you retain them as a client.

Communicating with Your Clients

What is the best way to contact your clients? Is that best for you or them? Also, how often do they want to be contacted? It may vary from client to client. You need to understand their needs so you can service your clients the best. 

How do you find out how to reach them (or how often)? The easiest way is to ask. Let them know you want to check in periodically and may even have new products they will benefit from as the year moves on. Let them know you will be there to answer questions that come up and have ideas as situations may change during the year. Remember you are their expert. Make yourself available when and how they need it.

Phone calls, emails, and texts do work well for most but don’t forget about social media. Social media is a great way to connect with many of your clients, provide them with valuable information, and create a community where your clients can get to know you. Offering that behind-the-scenes type of interaction will help keep you top of mind for your clients. And, yes, your clients are most likely on social media! Just like you would ask for a referral, ask your clients to follow you on social media as another means of communication.

Agents who are appointed with Humana have likely heard about their 30-60-90 Day Conversation Guide. This guide walks you through the steps, and the ideas to optimize how you communicate with your clients. Communication is a key force that drives client retention. If you’re not appointed with Humana in your area, please reach out to your UIG Broker Sales Specialist and ask about Humana products in the area you serve so you can learn more about how communication leads to client retention.

Selling complete coverage by using multi-lines to your clients

As you get to know your clients and their needs you can better protect them with additional options like Dental/Vision, Recovery plans, Cancer plans, and more. Cross-selling is easier when you know their needs and have the products to match. Anticipating future needs and providing complete coverage can go a long way to creating a sense of security and that will help keep them as clients.

These tips can help you build your strategy to increase your client retention rate. At UIG, your Broker Sales Specialist will be able to assist you in developing your individual strategy and using best practices for your business.