Preparing for AEP 2022

With AEP less than 90 days away, we want to make sure you are well on your way to a successful season! Are you contracted with the right carriers (we can help you decide!)? Have you taken AHIP yet (we’ve all taken it and can give you some tips!)? How about product certifications? Have you reviewed the carrier First Looks (we can tell you what the product highlights are!) 

Are You Contracted with the Right Carriers?

Having the right carriers in your portfolio is instrumental in offering your clients the best plans out there. But knowing who these are is the hard part, right? Our Broker Sales Specialists are well versed in what’s going on in your specific area and can lead you in the right direction.

If you’re wondering if you’re on the right track before AEP begins, reach out to the Brokerage team and they’ll make sure you’re appointed with the right carriers before AEP begins. (It’s not too late to get contracted with some carriers!)

Have You Taken AHIP Yet?

All of our Broker Sales Specialists take AHIP right along with our agents! If you need a pep talk before you begin, or need a few tips, give our Broker Sales Specialists a call and they can guide you through. Don’t forget, many carriers will offer a discount on AHIP so make sure you take advantage of that!

How About Product Certifications?

Many carriers have already begun certifications. You can view the top national carrier dates here, but also don’t forget that you only have a certain time to get them completed. It’s better to get all these things done early rather than waiting till the last minute!

Have You Reviewed Carrier First Looks?

Many carriers have been releasing First Looks in the last week or so, with many more to come. Have you been able to look into these yet? First Looks are valuable for agents so they can learn about expansions or any changes in plans that is important to know for their clients. If you haven’t looked into these yet, we can give you the plan highlights and talk to you about what these could mean for your clients. We’ll also be holding a First Looks webinar in the near future that covers the National Carriers First Looks. Watch for communication from us on the date!

UIG can help you feel more prepared for this next AEP season in a multitude of many different ways. Please reach out to us and we can make sure you’re ready! Call (800) 878-1058, ext. 1380 or email us at [email protected]