Marketing Strategies for OEP

The Open Enrollment Period (OEP) is right around the corner. It’s a great time for agents like yourself to do a temperature check with current clients. Are they happy with their current plan? Does their new plan cover their doctor? Are they using the benefits of their plans? There are certain things you cannot ask a client, and of course, you can’t cold call during this period, but there are strategies you can use.

How about the Humana 3-30-60-90 marketing strategy? Have you heard about this? It’s a great marketing strategy to stay connected with your clients outside the AEP season. Many of our Humana agents have taken this strategy, put their own spin on it, and made it work for them. Here’s a little about the strategy and tips from our successful Humana agents on how they use it in their business!   

3 Days After Enrollment – Time to Call Your Client

You’ve already enrolled them into their chosen plan during the AEP season. Now is the time to call them back and tell them what to expect. Will they be receiving a new card or a package from their carrier? What should they be looking for in the mail?

Successful Agent Tip: A 3-day follow-up may look more like a 7-10 day follow-up phone call. Waiting a few more days allows your client to digest their chosen plan, the monthly premium, and the opportunity to think about any additional questions they may have. This phone call is also an excellent opportunity to relay to them that working with someone you know and trust is important. They may receive many phone calls from sales agents who don’t necessarily know their exact situation and could put them in the wrong plan. Assure them you have their best interest at heart.

 30 Days After Enrollment – Time to Call Your Client 

 By now, they should have already received their new enrollment cards in the mail. This next phone call is a great time to walk them through their plan, answer any questions, and remind them of specific benefits, such as in-home healthcare, Silver Sneakers, and Go 365, that they could utilize. Please provide them with any resources you may have for them to get the most out of their plans.

If your client asks you any questions about picking another plan or other plans in the area, you may dive into the options available to them for the open enrollment period. Since you are talking about specific plan information, you will want to record the call! 

Successful Agent Tip: We’ll also call this the 30-ish day phone call. You may have 100 clients you need to call this time, so it may look like 40-45 days for you. Use this strategy how it works best for you. Offering your client as much information on their benefits is ideal at this stage. Help them sign up for Silver Sneakers, Home Healthcare, Go 365, Meal Deliveries, etc. Showing your clients how they can get more money back in their pockets to use on OTC products is vital to those seniors on a fixed income. Be a source of information and provide value to those clients who need it the most. You may talk to some clients more than others; it maybe even a weekly call, but making sure you are taking care of their needs not only helps you, but it also helps their quality of life.

60 – 90 Days After Enrollment – Time to Call Your Client 

After 60-90 days, they should have everything they need for their new plan and maybe have even had a chance to use it. Make sure they get the most out of their plan and take advantage of what it includes. 

 You’ve built the relationship and trust for the last few months. Please don’t drop the ball now. Continue the relationship, and ask how everything is going, not only with their new plans but with things in their life. Perhaps they have a new grandchild, or they took a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Inquire about anything you’ve talked about in the past (make sure you’ve been taking notes). Tell them when they may expect to hear from you, and remember to ask for referrals!

Successful Agent Tip: After using this exact strategy for many years, you’ll notice that you won’t have to be cold-calling. Staying in contact with your clients and letting them know you genuinely care will have a high ROI for your business. The referrals will be there for you. Adapting this strategy at the beginning of a new sales career or halfway through a sales career will set you up for the residual income you want.

UIG Can Help!

When you have a set strategy to use consistently for every client, it becomes your system. Consistency will turn into success, which will turn into a more significant book of business and more income in your pocket. Take it from our agents! If you need help getting started on this, please get in touch with our Broker Sales Specialists to walk you through the steps and strategies!