Help for You: AEP 2023

We’re Here to Help You to Get Through the Rest of the AEP Season

Over the course of the first half of the AEP season, we’ve learned a few things, specific to AEP 2023, we wanted to pass on to you to help you through the next few weeks. Below we’re sharing some hot topics from some of the top National Carriers, and some Michigan-specific carriers for those agents. We hope this helps you to finish this AEP season strong!

Hot Topics for UIG Appointed Agents

Recording Your Calls Isn’t So Bad Afterall: Agents who are using the UIG-provided tool have said it’s so easy to record and have had zero issues with recording those compliant calls. If you need a pep talk or have had any issues with this, please give your Broker Sales Specialist a call. Remember…Any agent who is selling over the phone must record calls, starting October 1st, 2022 – for plans with a 1/1/23 effective date.

Sunfire: If you’d like to use the UIG Quoting and Enrollment tool, Sunfire, it can take up to two weeks from the time you are Ready to Sell from the carrier until you are able to use the tool. Something to keep in mind when you’re booking your appointments!

National Carrier Hot Topics


Are you completing the Health Risk Assessments? Agents who complete them are getting up to $225 for eligible enrollments! Who doesn’t want extra money in their pockets?

Beginning with the 2023 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), administrative payments can be earned for successfully completing HRAs* following submission of an enrollment application in Ascend or Sunfire:

  • $225 administrative payment for eligible DSNP/CSNP enrollments.
  • $75 administrative payment for eligible MA/MAPD enrollments.

GREAT NEWS! If you have already submitted an HRA for a 2023 enrollment, you will also receive this increased payment!

Want to do more with Wellcare? Reach out to the Community Relations Specialist to help you organize and hold an event. This could be at a senior center, Veteran’s community, or even a senior housing complex. They help you prospect for event locations, organize the event, and even pay for it!


Agents have been excited to inform their clients on how they can save a little bit of money on their insulin. Encourage your clients to order a 90-day supply of insulin through the mail-order pharmacy, Centerwell, to save $5.


Recent news from Aetna is showing an allowance for eligible members on specific plans listed in the document below. This is a debit card, that must be activated, and that members can use for qualified purchases, some plans offer up to $600! Anything that is not eligible will be rejected at point-of-sale. Encourage your clients to make sure they use this by December 31, 2022, otherwise, they will lose it.

Click here to see what plans/states are eligible

Michigan-Specific Carrier Hot Topics

Priority Health

It’s important to know that Preventative Dental services on DSNP plans do not track toward the member’s dental maximum. Services such as cleanings, exams, and x-rays can add up to an extra $500/year, so without those going towards the maximum, they have more to spend on comprehensive services.

Priority Health Key Plan HMO-POS is a 5 Star Plan for 2023 in regions 1,2,3,4, and 5!

Remember: If a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare drug plan, or Medicare Cost Plan with a 5-star rating is available in your area, you can use the 5-star Special Enrollment Period to switch from your current Medicare plan to a Medicare plan with a “5-star” quality rating. You can use this Special Enrollment Period only once between December 8 and November 30 the following year.

For more information on 5 Star Plans, click here.


Michigan Agents! HAP has a plan that is cobranded with MSU – MSUHC HMO Plan. Even though the card is green, the plan has the full HAP network of doctors and specialists, available in all 46 counties. This plan also offers a $500 flex card, per benefit year. $300 can be used to purchase groceries, as well as other items, including transportation, OTC PERS, or Companion Care (Papa Care). The other $200 can be used for Dental, Vision, and Hearing. This would be in addition to the embedded benefits. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield – Michigan

Remember the subsidy that was given out about 5 years ago for the BCBSM Legacy plan? Well, that subsidy support is ending on January 1, 2023. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Legacy Medigap and Medicare Supplement members, as well as Blue Care Network MyBlue Medigap members may have already received a letter notifying them of this cancellation.

Subsidy Closure Talking Points & FAQ