Gamechanger May 2023

A Gamechanger to us is making strides in their business and their community. Showcasing these agents not only gives other agents ideas on how they can build their business but also recognizes these agents for their hard work in the field. So, this month we recognize one of our outstanding agents.

Matt G. has been with UIG for over 22 years! He has been with us through many changes, upgrades, COVID-19, and more. He’s always been an agent of ours that has shined through it all! We took a few moments to ask Matt a few questions to share with our other agents!

How long have you been an agent?

I have been an agent for over 30 years. I was working long hours in a factory when I was introduced to another UIG agent who introduced me to the insurance industry. His brother ended up training me, and they have supported me throughout the years.

What do you like most about being an agent?

I enjoy being an educator, and the fact that I get to help people daily makes this a very rewarding experience. I do my very best with every client.

What do you think sets you apart from other agents in your area?

I have always been taught to be of service to people. I enjoy taking care of my clients and doing the service work that comes with that. I use my mom as my benchmark. I treat others the way I want my mom to be treated. As a Dutch immigrant, my father and grandparents have contributed to my work ethic. They came over right after WWII. My parents and grandparents taught me what it means to care for people and do a good job.

How does UIG support your business efforts?

When I call in with an issue,  Jessica is always there to get a quick resolution for me. Along with Jessica, I have worked with both Linda and Libby. They also get right back to me with any information that I need. They are both very responsive to anything that I may need.

What are some of your personal interests/activities?

I love to boat. I keep a boat on Lake Michigan. We enjoy spending time on it and even sleeping on it. The water is very relaxing. I also like to RV, golf, and cook. Cooking relaxes me, and I find it soothing after a long workday. Other hobbies I enjoy are getting exercise and walking. I think it is important to help me stay healthy.

We value the relationships we have created over the years with our agents. It tells a story when an agent has been with the same FMO for 22 years! We look forward to many more years with Matt!

If you’re looking for an FMO to partner with to help you grow, cheer you on, and support your ideas, reach out to us at [email protected].