Do I Need an FMO?

We believe you do! However, many of you may not realize all the advantages of working directly with a Field Marketing Organization (FMO). United Insurance Group can do more for you than you may realize if you are a seasoned insurance agent or just starting out in the industry.

These are the top questions our Broker Sales Specialists receive when first talking to an agent who is interested in working with us: 

Q: Will you take a chunk of my commission if I decide to become appointed with UIG? 

 A: Not a chance! You earned your commission; it’s yours to keep. FMOs are paid an override through the carrier at no cost to you. Usually, the carrier will still pay you directly for your commissions. However, some carriers that UIG works with require UIG to pay commissions. Ask us for details.

Q: What is the benefit for me to work with you? 

A: You’ll partner with your dedicated Sales Specialist, a Licensed Agent who has been in your shoes in this market. Your specialist with help you get started by contracting you with suitable carriers for your geographic location and answering all the questions that pop up along the way. They will work with you on your marketing plan, whether it be personalizing a marketing campaign for you, providing social media graphics and assistance, helping you with an ad, working with carriers to get you co-op dollars, and even getting you set up at a retail location with select carriers. You can think of UIG as an extension of your team. 

UIG offers many different training opportunities for agents as well. We have monthly webinars that take deep dives into Medicare as a whole, the DSNP market, and Veterans, and also webinars that will help you build your business. 

At UIG, our main priority is cultivating a relationship with our agents. We want you to be equipped with materials, knowledge, and support to reach your full potential. The secret to our success is your success.

Q: If I’m not happy, can I get a release? 

A: Carriers have different release rules, but at UIG, we provide all our agents with a release guarantee. If, for any reason, you are not happy working with UIG, we will provide a release letter at your request. Simply put, we believe you will be happy working with us, but if you are not for any reason, we want you to control your destiny.

Have any other questions before you join an FMO? We can help.