10 Tips to Prepare You for AEP

AEP is going to look different for 2020 for all of us, clients and agents alike. Stay ahead of the game by staying organized for the 7 weeks of AEP season. Our Broker Sales Specialists have come up with 10 tips to help you with this, and some sales hacks to keep you performing at your best.

Tip #1: To make it easier for yourself when you need to call a carrier, have the phone numbers and prompts for the carriers you use saved in your mobile phone.

Tip #2: Keep ALL of your usernames and passwords saved somewhere convenient for when you’re out on an appointment.

Tip #3: Are you prepared to submit applications online? Take the time to learn your most popular carriers and how they do online enrollments.

Tip #4: Decide NOW what carriers you need to certify with, for residuals and new business. Don’t lose out on residual income!

Tip #5: Be ready to reach out to your clients 10/1/2020 to talk and schedule appointments, have your call list ready to go!

Tip #6: Don’t forget about your current clients, check in with them, after all, they are prospects for other agents this AEP.

Tip #7: Don’t leave money on the table this AEP season  – remember to cross sell Dental AND Hospital Indemnity, it can be done during the appointment.

Tip #8: Get your social media pages ready for AEP, post information like when you clients can expect to hear from you, and what questions they can ask you. Be ready for 10/1!

Tip #9: Be organized, create a mobile system you can keep in the trunk of your car, or bring into your house. Loose papers will always get lost or misplaced.

Tip #10: If you need to call a carrier and don’t want to sit on hold for hours out of your day, call your UIG Broker Sales Specialist – we’ll gladly help you out.

UIG Broker Sales Specialists are able to become your support system. If you need any help during this AEP season, please reach out so we can help you achieve success.